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The price of Payperwork reflects value for money. The initial program purchase price includes your first 12 months program maintenance and support. All prices include GST.

Payperwork: Single user                                                 $2120.00
Includes: Program
12 Months Program Maintenance.
12 Months Payperwork support (Telephone or Email).
Single company licence.
The program can be loaded onto multiple PC’s and networked however only one user can log into the data at any one time.

Payperwork: Multi-User                                                  $3230.00
Up to 4 users
Includes: Program
12 Months Program Maintenance
12 Months Payperwork support (Telephone or Email)
Single company licence.

Subsequent Annual Maintenance & Support
Breathe easy! The Annual Maintenance and Support gives you 12 months telephone support and access to the Client Area of the website where you can download program upgrades.
*Does not include operating system or hardware support.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Single User                                                                         $415.80
Multi-User                                                                           $641.30

Upgrade from Single to Multi-User                                  $1067.00
Business growing? You can upgrade your current Payperwork to enable up to 4 users accessing the same company data at once! 
*Hardware and system setup not included.

Extra Users                                                                       $220.00
Need more than 4 users?  You can purchase as many extra user licences as you need!
*Hardware and system setup not included.

L & H (Auslec) Pricelist subscription per 12 months        $330.00
The L&H Group has authorized us to collect your pricelist subscription on their

Program and/or L&H Pricelist sent via CD per 12 months    $110.00
We encourage our customers to use our website to download program upgrades. 

If however this is not an option, we can supply upgrades via mail at a small annual fee.  This is an extra fee ON TOP of the annual maintenance & support fee and/or the L&H pricelist subscription fee.

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